Snow Mtn Ditch Fund Donation

The Snow Mountain Ditch trail above Nevada City was gated two years ago, closing off a beloved and historic recreation trail. Many hikers, bikers, parents and organizations have tried unsuccessfully to work out a solution, so we will go to court February 22nd. We have a very strong legal argument supported by testimony of neighbors who have grown up using the trail since the 1950’s. It’s a community effort. Our attorney John Bilheimer argued a nearly identical, precedent-setting case in 2000, and he is donating most of his time. Bicyclists of Nevada County is collecting tax-deductible donations to cover additional legal costs. Neighbors along the ditch have led this effort from the beginning, even though they do appreciate the quiet of the now-gated ditch. We all believe we can make this work. Here are the steps. 1) Raise the money. 2) Win the case. 3) Remove the gates. 4) Respect the neighbors, because it would never have happened without them. 5) Teach other trail users to be silent as they zip by our friends’ houses. You can help now by donating and spreading the word. Thanks!